Red Dot Sights Recommended by Experts

What is Red Dot Sight?

A red dot sight is a type of non-magnifying optic that provides an illuminated red dot to the user as a point of aim. It is a common sight for firearms used in civilian target shooting, hunting, or in police and military applications.

Red dot sights work by using a light-emitting diode (LED) to project a red dot onto a lens. The lens then collimates the light, meaning that it makes the dot appear to be at the same focal plane as the target, regardless of the distance between the sight and the target. This makes it very easy for the shooter to quickly and accurately aim their weapon.


  • Faster target acquisition: The red dot is much easier to see than the front and rear sights of iron sights, especially in low-light conditions. This allows shooters to acquire their target more quickly and easily.
  • Increased accuracy: The red dot provides a more precise point of aim than iron sights. This can lead to increased accuracy, especially at longer distances.
  • Less eye strain: Red dot sights do not require the shooter to focus on both the front and rear sights, which can cause eye strain. This makes red dot sights more comfortable to use, especially for extended periods of time.

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