What are The Differences Between 460 Rowland vs 10mm Ammo?

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460 Rowland Vs 10mm: What Is The Better One?

460 Rowland vs 10mm is heavy ammunition for home defense. While they are both viable in mid-range combat or hunting, each version carries noticeable differences in construction, ballistics, weight, and several other factors.

We did many comparative tests between the two to find out the pros and cons of each. If you are wondering which one is right for you, the detailed comparison below may help you.

Overview Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

460 Rowland

According to expert evaluation, 460 Rowland is considered a unique product from the modern era. You may feel it is monotonous in terms of design.

460 Rowland was first introduced in the early 1990s by professional gunsmith Dean Grennell. 460 Rowland is almost an upgraded version of 44 Magnum because it has overcome the disadvantages of the previous version.

Its sturdy construction includes a brass cover that comes with gun powder. Therefore, it provides optimal self-defense and safety for the user.

In addition, this is also a reasonable choice for shooting competitions with high speed and incredible accuracy. In general, 460 ammo is an option worth considering for gunners.



The Woods Defense 10mm first appeared in Sweden in 1983. There was a time when it was forced to stop production because of excessive recoil in the army.

Five years later, in 1988, the Federal Bureau of Investigation continued to work on improving the 10mm to a better level.

The process of researching Woods Defense 10mm is quite complicated. As soon as they carried out experiments to reduce bullet recoil, they were required to submit a report to the federal high-level ammunition bureau for review.

Today, 10mm Woods Defense has become more popular with various designs after many significant improvements. The prominent models will be SIG Sauer, P220, and SR1911.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between 460 Rowland vs 10mm

The difference between 460 Rowland vs 10mm is quite evident in appearance. However, to understand these other aspects, let’s go through the issues below.

460 Rowland Woods Defense 10mm
  • Outstanding speed and energy
  • More powerful
  • Great ballistics
  • Great concept and technique
  • Ammo is heavier
  • High precision
  • Effective range
  • Good flexibility
  • Products available
  • Pretty cheap price
  • Flatter orbit
  • Easier conversion
  • Hold more rounds
  • Low recoil makes it easier to use
  • Expensive
  • A compensator is required
  • Not enough electricity

Pricing Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

Woods Defense 10mm attracts more consumers because of its affordable price.

Manufacturers try to cut production costs with more common materials. So, if the distance is your priority, the 10mm Woods Defense could be one of the significant considerations.

With 460 Rowland, the solid copper material makes its price a bit more expensive. It will also be more difficult for you to order this large amount of ammunition because not all stores have them available. In emergencies, we advise you to prioritize 10mm over the other opponent.

The winner: Woods Defense 10mm

Trajectory Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

The 10mm Woods Defense comes with an average drop after tests ranging around 1.12 inches at 50 yards.

Meanwhile, the 10 mm trajectory is in a more straight line frame, which increases the accuracy rate with short-range aiming. Moreover, the relatively fast movement speed creates less movement in the track.

At more than 100 yards, the 460 Rowland pulls in deviations of up to 4.06 inches.

Heavyweight and long size are factors that heavily affect the moving trajectory of the 460 Rowland. In short, in this respect, the 10mm once again dominates.

The winner: Woods Defense 10mm

Distance Shooting Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

Distance Shooting
Distance Shooting

Both are suitable for medium-range shooting situations. They also make a memorable impression and attract users with their advantages of explosiveness.

As mentioned, Woods Defense is outstanding at long-distance travel. The straight trajectory and good surface density are advantageous when the gunner wants to shoot the target at a reasonably distant position.

Meanwhile, the 460 Rowland has an effective range that surpasses the 45 ACP standard, which makes it competent in a defensive function. Both types of ammunition are equal depending on the purpose and the actual situation.

The winner: Draw

Loading Type Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

The 460 Rowland has cartridges in each division that range from 80gr to 260gr, while the Woods Defense 10mm comes with a less impressive spec, 175gr to 230 gr. This disparity affects quite a lot of both.

The 460 Rowland leads in speed and weight. Therefore, it is an option worth considering if the loading type is essential to you.

The winner: 460 Rowland

Bullet Weights Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

Bullet Weights
Bullet Weights

460 Rowland gives you a weight range from 85g to 230g, depending on the number of seeds inside. On the other side, Woods Defense 10mm carries a narrower range, from 155 gr – 180 gr.

Do you think the lighter the barrel, the farther it can travel? This inference may be valid in some cases, but the deciding factor is still the design that is compatible with each gun.

A precise, long-distance warhead is not enough in predatory battles with large animals. The most crucial factor is enough damage to take down the prey. And 460 Rowland can afford to do this well.

For the 10mm, the weight constraint makes your gun heavier and less flexible, which is only suitable for essential hunting. The payloads may be stronger than the .357 Magnum, but it’s still not quite as effective as its competition.

The winner: 460 Rowland

Recoil Of 460 Rowland vs 10mm

Woods Defense 10mm has less recoil than 460 Rowland. In theory, the lower the recoil, the more convenient it is for the shooter.

The additional power of the 460 Rowland makes it produce high amplitudes and more than 45 ACP. Therefore, the manufacturer has equipped it with a compensator to reduce vibration.

This issue does not affect the results too much in terms of performance. However, it brings an uncomfortable experience for the inexperienced.

The first 10mm Woods Defense versions announced also had high recoil and were discontinued for many years. However, later improvements have made it much more perfect in design.

The winner: Woods Defense 10mm

Woods Defense 10mm 460 Rowland
Pricing Mid-range price Mid-range price
Trajectory About 1.12 inches in 50 yards Approximately 4.06 inches at 100 yards
Distance Shooting Straight orbit and good face density Efficiency surpasses the standard of 45 ACP
Loading Type From 175gr to 230 gr From 80gr to 260gr
Bullet Weights From 155 gr – 180 gr From 85gr to 230gr
Recoil Lower Higher

460 Rowland Vs 10mm – Which One Is Better? 

Firstly, if you want to choose a cartridge with high popularity, then Woods Defense 10mm is the optimal choice. It is cheap and popular in weapons stores, making it easy to repair or change parts.

Second, if you want to find a bullet with high combat power, the 460 Rowland is the top priority. It is an improved version of the 44 Magnum cartridge and provides about 25% more target power than the old version.

Moreover, the high muzzle velocity makes the penetration ability quite large, increasing the combat power in defeating the prey.

Final Words 

Both 460 Rowland vs 10mm have its advantages. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the pros and cons of each and make the best choice for you through this comparison.

Weapon hope that this post has helped you to solve your questions about the similarities and differences between these two versions. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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