How Far Will a 223 Bullet Travel? The Correct Answer Is Here!

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How to use the .223 bullet

People first released the .223 Remington bullet in 1963, considered the varmint bullet. The fact is that its birth is associated with the Remington 760 rifle.

After some time, the US Military started using the .223 cartridge as experimental ammo in 1964. Like NATO military buttles (5.56x45mm), the .223 cartridge is a commercial kind.

There’s no denying that the 223 bullet is the most popular rifle cartridge among Americans and has received countless accolades over the years. We will discuss how far will a 223 bullet travel and other aspects related to this cartridge.

How Far Will a 223 Bullet Travel?

How far can a 223 bullet reach
How far can a 223 bullet reach

The .223 Remington ammo can reach a maximum distance of up to 3875 with a muzzle velocity of 3240 (ft/s).

Generally, the .223 rounds tend to suit more experienced shooters. You can expect the .223 Remington ammo to improve many different aspects, such as:

  • The ballistic coefficients
  • The bullet drop
  • The Wind Drift
  • The accurate ammunition
  • Handloads
  • Accuracy of the rifles

You will also benefit from the cartridge during long-range shooting. It is also an excellent choice to practice your marksmanship skills.

To this day, countless hunters still benefit from the huge variety of the .223 Remington, which has been on the market for many years.

The table shows the maximum range of the 223 ammo with other ammo.

Caliber Muzzle Velocity  Type Weight Velocity at Impact  Maximum Range 
.223 Remington 3240 ft/s SP BT 55 gr 545 ft/s 3875 yards
.22 Long Rifle 1255 ft/s RN 40 gr 300 ft/s 2000 yards
9mm Luger 1120 ft/s RN 124 gr 350 ft/s 2400 yards
30 – 06 Springfield 2700 ft/s SP BT 180 gr 800 ft/s 5675 yards
45 ACP 850 ft/s RN 230 gr 330 ft/s 1800 yards
9mm Luger 1120 ft/s RN 124 gr 350 ft/s 2400 yards
44 Magnum 1760 ft/s RN 240 gr 350 ft/s 2500 yards

How to Handloading .223 Bullets

When it comes to handloading this cartridge, we recommend sticking with fast powders, which have burn rates between Alliant’s Reloader 7 and Hodgdon’s.

Alliant is considered as one of the new powders made for the .223 bullet and ARs. It is also known as AR Comp. Compared to other popular modern cartridges for rifles, there is no denying that the .223 Remington is the least expensive.

You can use it to reach higher targets, especially in the rifle category or three-gun matches. Moreover, using the .223 bullet as the survival rifle is okay.

How to Use the .223 Ammo?

How to use the .223 bullet
How to use the .223 bullet

When shooting the heaviest ammo (start from 50 grains), the 1-12-inch of twist will be the best bet.
On the other hand, if you need to shoot ammo from sixty grains, the 1-9-inch twist will work well. It is ideal for stabilizing the grain ammo (between 35 and 40) to meet any smaller target.

But for hitting with heavy and long bullets, we recommend getting the 1-8-inch or 1-7-inch twists.

Shooters are unaware of some insignificant differences between these twists. But to go with a deer-sized game, being careful about the twist rate is necessary.

Types of .223 Remington Rifle

The 223 Remington Rifle is available in two main types
The 223 Remington Rifle is available in two main types

The 223 Remington Rifle comes in two main types, including the Semi-Automatic Rifle and Varmint Rifle.

Varmint Rifle

This type is the easiest to handle, thanks to its bolt-action feature.

This rifle features a 1-12 inch rifling twist. There is no denying that the rifling twist is essential in determining bullet range.

For the Varmint rifle, it ranges from 2.5 to 3.9 grams.

Semi-Auto rifle

People in America love this type of rifle. They use this for law enforcement, self-defense purposes, varmint hunting, home defense, and self-defense.

The twist rate for this kind of rifle is 1-7-inch, 1-8 inches, and 1-9 inches.


How Far Will a 223 Bullet Travel? The Correct Answer Is Here!

223 vs 5.56: Which Is Better?

We believe that the two bullets are similar in most aspects.

The 223 cartridge in civilian usage delivers excellent accuracy and precision when hunting, while the 5.56 is a great projectile on the battlefield.

So you must choose the bullet that suits your needs best depending on where you will be shooting.

Which Is a Larger Caliber Bullet: .22 or .223?

The actual diameter of the 22 bullets is .223 inches, while the diameter of 223 Remington (5.56×45 bullet) is .224 inches. The .223/5.56 wins by .001 inches.

What Is the Highest Grain 223 Bullet?

Statistically, over 90% of bullets used in the US are for recreational purposes. For such cases, a typical 55-grain bullet will suffice.

Higher grain bullets are available, with the Remington having 77 grain –OTM rounds in stock, usually used for military marksmen.

Yet, some 223 ammo weights can go up to 80 grains.

Can You Shoot .223 in a 5.56 Rifle?

It is a good idea not to use 5.56mm ammo in a firearm with a dedicated .223 chamber.

Which Should I Buy: .223 Remington or 5.56?

Many people will recommend you to purchase a 5.56 rifle as you are safe shooting either 223 Remington or 5.56. Picking a 5.56 over .223 chamber is great advice when bullets are scarce and expensive as it is now.

The Bottom Lines

Many shooters believe the .223 Remington is a perfect cartridge to help them get the job done. So, it is no surprise that the .223 Remington is considered one of the most popular and excellent cartridges in the US and many other countries.

For anyone with one rifle for one cartridge, the .223 Remington will match. It will work well for target games like deer and varmints. It is easy to shoot and load with the .223 bullet. Yet, it is essential to learn its limitations before utilizing it.

Most aspects will depend on how well experienced a shooter is with his gun skills. For example, the .223 bullet can reach 3,875 yards when utilized well.

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