Why Is 380 Ammo So Expensive? Explanation From Professionals

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Why Is 380 Ammo So Expensive

One of the most expensive ammunition on the market today is the 380. It has become one of the versions that many gun enthusiasts seek and aspire to own.

So, why is 380 ammo so expensive? Is it good quality or high demand the highlight? We will help you clarify the outstanding advantages of this design.

Let’s read on to discover!

Why Is 380 Ammo So Expensive? 

Why Is 380 Ammo Expensive
Why is it so expensive?

The 380 ammo is costly because it is not currently available for mass production. Therefore, the quantity sold yearly is minimal compared to the actual demand.

Besides that, its high price is related to many other factors.

The first reason is the love and high demand for professional shooters because this round is suitable and convenient with many types of pistols today.

Secondly, its material comes in a luxuriously finished level with a higher cost to manufacture. You can also quickly notice its size is smaller than some other types.

In the end, tariffs on this particular commodity and high shipping costs take the price to a new level.

Is it essential and worthwhile when you buy and own the 380?

The answer will be yes if you are willing to pay a high cost for your hobby of collecting.

On the contrary, you should look for one that is more affordable and practical. Of course, this ammunition is still ideal for severe damage and self-defense.

Why Is 380 So Difficult To Discover?

You can hardly find ammo 380 because the annual production is quite limited compared to users’ needs.

Manufacturers now scale back their production because the cost is too expensive. This scarcity makes it increasingly difficult to buy a set of ammo at an affordable price.

In the opposite direction, more people are using concealed firearms. Meanwhile, this version is the appropriate choice when used in many of these guns.

Even so, many professional hunters only collect these products and have no intention of selling or using them.

The law tightening from the government on the restriction of dangerous weapons has caused the ammunition supply to decrease.

The best way should be to hunt down sales from people who no longer need them. Then you can get a better deal.

Are 380 Bullets Cheaper Than 9mm?

Are 380 Bullets Cheaper Than 9mm?
9mm bullets

This ammo is usually more expensive than the 9mm. Besides the reasons we mentioned in the above section, its higher price can be related to many factors such as type, brand, and availability (current quantity in the market).

You will need to spend more money on a 380 cartridge than a 22LR or 45 ACP.

This bullet is not as popular as other products because of the above barriers. Retailers often do not stock much and only buy more when customers request.

Besides, the strong consumption in the market because of its versatility makes the supply increasingly scarce. Ultimately, the demand for ink cartridges is inevitable, and the price is considerably pushed.

If you are looking for 380 bullets, you should consider your actual shooting style and aim. If the real need is just practice, buying magazines at sky-high prices is not an intelligent choice.

However, if you’re looking for a product for self-defense, the higher-end brands can also be perfect. Consider cost and optimal use before deciding to order one.

Is 380 A Useful Self-Defense Ammo?

Is 380 A Useful Self-Defense Ammo?
Is 380 A Useful Self-Defense Ammo?

No mainstream research claims the 380 bullet is the best choice for self-defense. It will vary depending on the individual’s point of view.

However, based on our experience and information from the manufacturer, the main advantage of this version is excellent power and moderate damage. At the same time, it is also compatible with most weapons today.

Therefore, it is very versatile and most convenient for self-defense.


If you still want to learn more about this topic, some frequently asked questions below will help your knowledge and understanding. So don’t miss any ones!

1. What is the most difficult-to-find ammo now?

Depending on the time, there will be different difficulties when looking for a type of ammo. Some gun enthusiasts and experts say the 270, 243, and 7MM 08 are among the hardest to find. They are both expensive and rare nowadays.

2. What is causing ammo shortage?

Different times also lead to other shortages of ammo.

Recently, the Covid 19 pandemic has been the leading cause of the decline in product volume. Previously, people could thoroughly search and own imported ammunition if they could not buy products from American brands.

The pandemic has caused some countries not to conduct international transactions, causing the amount of imported ammunition to decrease. According to statistics, this rate dropped to 34% during the Covid 19 pandemic.

3. How hard is it to find 380 ammo?

The famous manufacturer in the US has switched to producing more popular ammunition instead of 380.

As many as three manufacturers have made this work. The amount of this product is gradually becoming less and scarce compared to the demand for use.

Even some brands have implemented full-time production, but the supply needed does not meet the demand.

4. Is it worth buying a 380?

Whether 380 ammo is worth buying or not entirely depends on your budget and intended use. This product will be a must if a big budget is not an issue for you.

On the contrary, you should look for a reasonably priced product rather than waste it on an expensive one.

Final Words 

We’ve explained to you the question: why is 380 ammo so expensive?

It is a good product for self-defense. Besides the reason for the input materials, other costs, and taxes, the high demand also makes this design so expensive.

We hope you have understood and made the most reasonable choices at this time. If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it with those who love this rare ammunition. They will probably thank you!

Thank you for reading!

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