How To Make A Silencer Out Of PVC Pipe? Complete 8-Step Guide

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How are suppressors made?

When you first start hunting, you must prepare support tools. A hand-made PVC silencer is one of the must-have accessories to go with the rifle.

So, how to make a silencer out of PVC pipe? In this article, let’s learn the steps to create the perfect version and the things to consider involved.

How To Make A Silencer Out Of PVC Pipe?

Things To Prepare 

Before starting any job, you need to prepare all the tools to perform the task quickly. For the creation of a silencer, you need to prepare the components.

Things to prepare
Things to prepare
  • 1.5″ PVC pipe
  • Epoxy glue
  • The scissors
  • Froth
  • Sandpaper
  • Some old CDs
  • Sports tapes

They are all easy to find and have pretty straightforward details.

If you want to give your silencer a touch of style and accent, don’t forget to use splash paints that will make your device stand out more.

You should take note of this information and buy the missing items from the store for maximum effect.

How To Make A Silencer Out Of Pvc Pipe? 8 Steps To Follow

Step by step to take one
Step by step to take one

To make a silencer out of PVC pipes, you must follow the full steps below.

Measure the diameter

Start by measuring the barrel to adjust and calculate the correct measurement of your silencer.

You need to measure the distance between the widest part of the circular barrel and the end of the barrel.

Don’t forget to record these stats one after another carefully!

Cut the PVC

Once you have the correct numbers, you need to cut the PVC. The work to be done includes: Measuring the PVC and cutting it to the desired length.

The standard length of PVC is usually 2″ enough to go through the barrel. So it would help if you didn’t cut PVC into 3 “-5” pieces; it will pass the muzzle.

Make baffles

One of the essential parts of the silencer system is the baffle. This design features a circular band construction in the expansion chamber.

It would help if you used old CDs to create it. I used to do this with about 5 CDs, which became much more accessible.

First, you must place your CD player at the end of the PVC and adjust the focal point to mark it. Then you need to cut the CD to this size to create a ring.

Finally, use the prepared sandpaper to smooth the surfaces.

Use a damper

What mission does froth have? It acts as a damper in this case. It would help if you used scissors to cut it to a length that will enclose the PVC once.

State the spacing

Considering and calculating the distance between the baffle and the foam is necessary because this factor will cause significant errors.

To do this, you need to mark the distance between each partition. The space between each ring should be surrounded by foam on a PVC sheet.

Gather baffles

The following work you need to do is combine the details you made earlier.

It is a simple but essential job, so you must do it carefully. Gently place the partitions in the marked spaces and apply foam to squeeze and tighten the bond.

At this point, epoxy’s job is to stick everything together in the best way.

Build a silencer

In this step, you need to cut the CD and fill in the gaps with epoxy glue as much as possible. After the glue is completely dry, carefully clean the excess adhesive with sandpaper. Create your style silencer with pre-prepared paint!

Attach the weapon

As a final step, you need to wrap your barrel with prepared sports tape and use it to slide the silencer.

Finally, if you have completed all of the above steps, you have a complete one in your hand. Now, it’s time to test and calibrate the device’s length for the best sound reduction effect.


How are suppressors made?

How are suppressors made?
How are suppressors made?

Suppressors are made from high-quality metal alloys such as aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel. These materials can work well under different environmental and temperature conditions.

Can you make a silencer from an oil filter?

You can make replacement gun stoppers out of solvent traps and oil filters.

The great advantage of these products is the price. You will only need to spend a small amount of money to own them.

At the same time, making it yourself at home is also easier.

Are suppressors illegal?

Suppressors are legal in 42 US states except for Connecticut and Vermont.

When using this tool, you need to comply with the firearm regulations of federal law and the National Firearms Act (NFA).

What is the penalty for making a suppressor?

You can be fined and jailed for up to ten years if caught and convicted.

It’s made very clear in federal law with a minimum of 27 months in prison without the possibility of parole.

What is the difference between a suppressor and a silencer?

There is absolutely no difference between a suppressor and a silencer. They are available interchangeably and refer to the same thing.

Plus, some experts consider the term suppressor incorrect because it doesn’t have this capability. But most people use it for the same role.

What aluminum is available for suppressors?

Aluminum can be available to create bulkheads for suppressors. Because it is a very lightweight material and is an excellent product to help prevent explosions.


This article has shown specific steps on how to make a silencer out of PVC pipe. 

It’s a pretty simple and easy task to do. The cost you need to pay is also relatively small and an effective solution to a certain extent.

We hope the steps in this process are helpful and simple for you to follow and complete easily. Thank you for reading!

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