What Is Scope Height Above Bore? How To Measure Scope Sight Height on Rifles?

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What is Sight Height?

Sight height is the measurement of the elevation of an object in relation to a line-of-sight from an observer. This is commonly used in surveying and mapping to determine the height of points or features on a landscape, such as buildings, trees, hills, and other features.

Sight height can be measured using traditional surveying equipment or by using GPS coordinates. The elevation data gathered by measuring sight height can then be used for a wide variety of purposes such as determining flood plains, navigation routes, zoning maps, and more.

Sight height measurements are also helpful in assessing hazardous terrain when preparing for outdoor activities like hiking or camping. By accurately measuring sight heights before embarking on an activity, hikers can better prepare themselves by reading topographic maps and becoming familiar with their surroundings.

Sight height is an essential measure in surveying, and can help provide a better understanding of the terrain for many purposes.

The Importance Of Scope Height

How to measure scope height
The height importance

As mentioned in the previous section, the scope altitude of the riflescope has quite a significant impact on the overall performance of the gun.

If installing the scope too high, you will suffer the consequences of an inappropriate cheek weld. For example, the gun does not work correctly, and the user experience is not too comfortable.

If the bronchoscope placement rings are too low, the life of the device can be affected by the extension that can bump and rub along the barrel.

In particular, generating higher-than-normal force and torque can disrupt range, wear down, and create massive recoil.

The inappropriate altitude, whether too short or too high, makes the manipulation when holding the gun unnatural. You may even get a shock or other unwanted damage in some cases.

How To Measure Scope Height?

How to measure scope height 1
How to measure one

After going through a few reasons why you can’t skip the step of determining the altitude of your viewfinder, it’s time to define your method and proceed with the determination and measurement.

Here are some methods worth considering, which are sure to bring results that can help you.

Method 1

This first method doesn’t get much praise in terms of accuracy.

Still, it’s pretty simple to implement, and you can improve the reliability of the results with a few personal changes.

This method will determine the altitude of the scope. You need to determine each device’s measurements in advance and use pen and paper to calculate.

Once you have all the necessary tools, take the length and diameter of the scope, add 2 – 4mm and divide the result by two.

Note that the diameter length should be in millimeters. Besides, the additional length will depend on the thickness of the bronchoscope body.

Length estimation carries a high risk of inaccuracy. However, you can improve the reliability of the results by calculating the diameter of the bronchoscope body at the objective.

Then, divide by half the number you just found. For example, if you want to convert from inches to millimeters, don’t forget to multiply the result obtained by 25.4.

If your requirements for the accuracy of the gun’s ideal range are not too high, the above method should be more than enough.

With just some simple techniques above, you will be satisfied with the comfort and precision that setting the right range altitude provides.

Method 2

Unlike the above calculation and measurement method, this second method offers the closest to absolute accuracy.

It is not difficult to understand that this method is the choice of the majority of experts. However, if you do not have too much experience, it may take some time to understand the formulas and get used to the complex operations that need to be performed.

Therefore, consider applying the calculation and measurement method if you wish to calculate the altitude of the range on an open-range rifle or equipment suitable for hunting or use in the state down here.

First, find out the diameter of the bolt, then divide the result in half.

Next, you continue to collect information about the measurement of the rifle tube. Similar to the first step, split the result in half.

Finally, measure the distance from the top of the pin to the rifle glass.

You can perform the measurement multiple times and average the results to increase accuracy. Then, you get the always-looking range height with a bunch of parameters that you have.

For example, if you are looking for the range altitude of the Remington 700 .308 gun model and the Leupold Mark 4 M1 6.5-20X50mm tactical rifle glass, here are some of the calculation steps you need to take:

  • Divide the bolt measurement by 0.696, resulting in .348”.
  • Split the range tube measurement in half, resulting in 0.591”.
  • The distance between the gun tip and the scope foot is 0.75”.
  • Add the above parameters; the height range is 1.68′‘.

Which Height Should You Need? 

How to measure scope height 4
Which Height Should You Need

The common lens altitude will be between 1.5″ and 1.8”. Depending on the use, you need to prioritize installing the viewfinder lower or higher.

For primary use, consider setting as low as possible. With the low altitude, the viewfinder will allow you to see the image more consistently, which is beneficial in most activities.

However, you should note that you still have to make sure not to let the scope part touch the barrel and other related parts with this installation trend.

The high range is the optimal choice if you use the gun for tactical operations. Besides the use purpose, the altitude is also influenced by the gun’s power and scope length.

For a rifle, you need to consider this weapon’s strong recoil and destructive power. From there, you need to mount a higher viewfinder altitude to minimize the negative impact, even the ability of the gun to deal damage when in use.


With the information above, you can confidently answer how to estimate range height. However, to have safe and effective use of weapons, you will need to answer more questions than that.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding range altitude that you can’t miss.

1. What is the sight height above the bore?

In simple terms, the aiming height is the distance between the center of the hole to the center of the objective lens. To measure this parameter, you will counter-calculate the distance between the rifle barrel axis and the line of sight.

2. How low should you mount a range?

How to measure scope height 2
Mount a range

Mounting the viewfinder as low as possible is effective. Specifically, you will need a soft ring if you have a scope with an objective size of less than 50mm.

If you own a larger scope, for example, with an objective diameter of 56mm, you will have to resort to medium and high rings.

3. What is the standard scope height?

1.5 to 1.8 inches above the center of the bore is the most common altitude.

4. Where might the range be on the AR?

Place the bracket on top of a receiver when considering the scope’s position. Never place this tool on a free rail to avoid unwanted adverse effects.


How to measure scope height is not as difficult a question to solve as you think.

In this article, you have received information about the importance of height estimation, simple to complex methods to measure the height of range rings.

At the same time, you also have specific knowledge to solve common problems related to this problem.

With the information above, I hope you were able to calculate and choose the appropriate bronchoscope height. Then, you can purchase new panels and mounting rings and start your calculation and setup steps.

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    • Scope sight heights can vary depending on the specific firearm, scope, and mounting system being used. There is no universal standard for scope sight heights across all firearms and scopes. It’s essential to measure the specific firearm and scope combination you are working with to obtain an accurate measurement. Manufacturers may provide recommended scope height values for their specific products, so consulting their guidelines can be helpful.


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