How To Remove Glock Front Sight? An In-Depth Instruction

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The Glock that came with the box works optimally with the gun to give you a pleasant shooting experience. However, you may want to install a new front sight to improve the shooting accuracy.

So how to remove the Glock front sight? What if the built-in Glock doesn’t suit your preferences? Do you need expensive tools to get the task done?

This post will shine more depth on these issues and give you detailed instructions on effortlessly removing the Glock front sight.

Continue reading, and I will show you!

How To Remove Glock Front Sight? An In-Depth Instruction In 2022
How To Remove Glock Front Sight

What is Glock Front Sight?

The Glock front sight is an integral part of the pistol’s sighting system and is essential for aiming and aligning the firearm accurately. Glock pistols typically feature a fixed front sight, meaning it is not adjustable for windage or elevation.

The front sight is a small post or blade that is fixed onto the slide of the pistol. It is designed to be aligned with the rear sight, forming a sight picture that allows the shooter to aim at the target.

What is Glock Front Sight?
What is Glock Front Sight?

The front sight on a Glock handgun is usually made of steel and can come in different shapes, such as a square post or a dot. Some models may have tritium or fiber optic inserts to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. The choice of front sight configuration may vary depending on the specific Glock model and the shooter’s preference.

When aiming a Glock pistol, the shooter aligns the front sight with the rear sight, ensuring that they are centered and level. This alignment, along with proper sight picture, allows the shooter to aim accurately and place shots on target.

It’s important to note that while the Glock front sight is fixed and non-adjustable, Glock pistols typically allow for rear sight adjustment, which can help with windage and elevation corrections if needed.

Why Do You Need To Remove The Glock Front Sight?

Usually, all the Glocks will function well at first, but they will run down after an extended usage period. If you shoot or carry the gun around a lot in the holster, the Glocks can get damaged.

In this case, you may consider switching to a night shift or steel front sight to give more view and reference in the dark. This feature is crucial when it comes to self-defense or dealing with the home intruders at night.

Or simply because you don’t like the material and design of the initial built-in Glock front sight on the gun. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have experience working with the gun’s tools, let a gunsmith do the job to save time and effort.

How To Remove Glock Front Sight? An In-Depth Instruction
Removing The Glock

The Tools You Need To Remove The Glock Front Sight

Before moving on to the detailed instructions, you need to gather some tools:

  • The new Glock to replace
  • A nylon punch
  • A nut driver (3/16)
  • A medium thread locker
  • A hammer
  • A vise
  • The vise jaws (nylon)
  • Night sights

The nylon punch prevents damage to your Glock while the nut driver helps remove and install the new Glock sight. You will need the thread locker (medium size) to stabilize the front sight and the vise jaws to protect the frame.

As you can see, the cost of tools is quite expensive, and you may not be able to find all the needed components in a short time. Later on, I will show you a budget method to remove the Glock using cheaper gadgets.

How To Remove Screw-type Front Sight?

After you have gathered the needed tools, follow these step-by-step instructions to get the task done. Ensure that you have unloaded the weapon to avoid unwanted situations.

Unload The Weapon

First, point your weapon in a safe direction so that no physical damage is caused to you or anyone if the gun accidentally triggers. Don’t put your finger on the trigger to prevent any unwanted accident.

Now use your thumb to press the magazine eject release near the trigger guard.

Use the other hand to get the magazine out of the handle and open the slide. To do it, you need to pull the slide backward and keep it open with the stop lever.

Check carefully if there is any remaining bullet or ammunition in the slide when you hold it open. Remember to always point the pistol in the initial safe weapon.

You can point it to the ground, but the target should be far from your feet.

Remove The Slide 

This step can cause unwanted severe damage to your eyes. Therefore it is best to put on an eye protection glass to avoid the solvents and spring-loaded components getting in our eyes.

Slowly pull pack the slide and release the stop lever. When the slide closes, pull the gun trigger and release the pin while holding the gun in a safe direction. You will notice a small grip below the Glock.

Grasp the top slide of the gun with four fingers from one hand and use the other hand’s thumb to gently pull back the slide. (about one-tenth of an inch).

Don’t pull the slide too far back, or you have to repeat the same process again.

Now pull down the slide lock on both sides.

How To Remove Glock Front Sight
Remove The Pistol Slide

Remove The Barrel

Now you will see the spring inside the barrel. Slightly push it forward and lift it out of the barrel. Be careful and don’t put too much pressure on the spring, or it will get damaged.

There is a minor extruding lug on the barrel. Gently hold that position and push it forward to lift and get the barrel out.

Before installing the Glock, you can use cleaning patches and rubbing alcohol to clean the components from dirt and excessive oil.

Remove The Old Sight

Once you have disassembled all the components in the gun, the next step is to remove the old front sight by removing the nut driver. You will notice a hex nut at the bottom of the slide.

Use the front sight tool such as a plier to remove the nut. Ensure that you perform this step. Too much pressure will damage your gun’s components.

Install A New One

The new front sight should face the initial direction of the old one.

Use the thread locker to stabilize the front sight to prevent it from loosening, and place back the screws.

The screws can easily break, so don’t twist them too much. After placing the screws, check if the front sight is aligned and put in the right place without loosening.

Ensure that the surface is immaculate when installing the new sight.

Install The Rear Sight

On the vise, place some nylon jaws to place the slide. Then use the hammer to hammer down the old sight to get it out. When the old sight is removed, install the new rear sight facing the initial direction.


How To Remove Glock Front Sight 1
Reassemble The Glock

After cleaning and installing the new Glock front sight, reverse the instructed steps above to reassemble the gun. There’s no need to hold the slide lock when placing the slide on the receiver.

For more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below.


Can You Remove Glock Front Sight Without Tool?

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to remove the Glock front sight without using special tools. If you have a sanded-down socket and can hold the slide inside, you may not need the tools to remove the front sight.

For the glued Glock front sight, you can remove it from the slide manually.

Try using your finger to unglue the sight or hit it with a hammer. However, this method is not always recommended because it can easily damage your gun.


Though the process is quite time-consuming, it is advisable to clean your Glock regularly after every use if you are a hard-core user. If you don’t have much time, cleaning the Glock at least two times a month is recommended.

How To Clean And Maintain The Glock?

You should follow the owner’s manual instructions and use high-quality cleaning tools to avoid damaging your pistol. When the component looks dirty and feels squeaky, you should follow the instructions above to clean it.

However, if you are a complete beginner who has never opened a gun before, it is best to find a reliable gunsmith and let him do the task. It can save you much more time and ensure that your pistol doesn’t get damaged.

Should You Clean New Glocks

Whether it is new, used, or fired for the first time, you should clean and lubricate the Glock. This practice will ensure that your pistol Glock functions well.

If the component is exposed to water, rain, dirt, or snow, clean it immediately.

How To Remove Glock Front Sight 2
You Should Clean The Glock Regularly

Final Thoughts

Whether you remove the Glock front sight to clean it or replace a new one, remember to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your pistol.

I hope that the guides provided in this post can satisfy you.

Thank you for reading!

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