How To Time A Muzzle Brake? Step-By-Step Guides For Newbies

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How To Time A Muzzle Brake? Step-By-Step Guides For Newbies

Time a muzzle brake is an easy operation, but the value it brings is quite impressive. Accordingly, the gunner will become more professional and effective.

So far, quite a few people have installed this mode for their brakes and barrel. This detailed step-by-step article is for you if you’re still struggling with how to time a muzzle brake. Let’s check it out now!

How To Time A Muzzle Brake?

Step by step to do
Step by step to do

There are six concrete steps to give your muzzle brake time without making you wait any longer.

Step 1

  • The first is determining the current direction of the brake.
  • Accordingly, it would help if you looked at the barrel, and the principle of the brake will appear.
  • Your job is to adjust the focus you want. With this step, even non-experts can do it quickly.
  • After determining that, use a pen or any other object to mark that direction. It is pretty quick to do but essential.
  • No matter how good your memory or how knowledgeable you are about guns, don’t skip these simple operations

Step 2

  • Next, use a ruler to measure the distance from the barrel to the brakes.
  • Measure everything as accurately as possible because this step will determine the deflection of the projectile.
  • Just a slight difference can lead to significant errors.
  • Once you have your numbers, do the math and subtract one inch. Because the brakes were on the same level an inch before, you didn’t see it.

Step 3

  • Coming to the third step, you will begin to install the brakes.
  • Specifically, a torque wrench is a tool used to twist and tighten according to a predetermined parameter.
  • Do not over-tighten at this step, as you may have to re-adjust.
  • Don’t forget to re-measure once you’ve finished turning the brakes.

Now everything is almost done; your job is to calculate a few simple calculations.

  • With the analysis, you use the number that you measured after the installation to divide it by two.
  • Not stopping there, you will have to keep subtracting one, which takes a little time to handle.

Step 4

For the next step, you must analyze the amount of time above. There will be two cases for you as follows:

  • The first is a positive number (ie >0), which shortens the distance between the brakes and the barrel to create stability.
  • Conversely, if the space is negative (ie < 0), you will shorten the length. The distance between the barrel and the model.
  • After the above adjustments, the last step is the reality check. Now feel your shooting after installation.
  • Maybe things are still not perfect, and be patient to fix them until you have the best result.

What Do Shims Mean? 

You can understand that Shims are gaskets for devices attached to guns. The material of this model is thin metal in the shape of a ring like a ring.

Depending on your type, the size of your Shims will vary. The practical use creates a fit between the muzzle device and the barrel.

Currently, some designs are also equipped with an outer layer of gold paint to increase aesthetics.

Not all require Shims. If, unfortunately, your model is old or damaged, you can completely replace it with a new one.

Buying this device is very easy because many places sell it. With one purchase, you may end up buying a large box.

Usually, stores do not sell individual fish, but this item is also very affordable to buy as a set.

Do You Have To Time Every Muzzle Brake?

The appointment is optional. Depending on each person’s case, the choice of yes or no will be different.

In terms of advantages, the timer brings accuracy in terms of time.

Accordingly, you will have accurate mental preparation and feel more confident in your shootings. Overall, the timer has a definite good side.

However, not all devices are to be timed. If not, everything will go on as usual.

Don’t misunderstand that the accuracy at the target decreases, and the direction of the bullet goes off if a time is not set. Things are not like that.

The timer is only available for the convenience of time, which has nothing to do with firing direction and other problems.

Why Should You Time The Muzzle Brake?

Why should you do it?
Why should you do it?

Timing the muzzle version is perfect for timing, which helps you predict your speed and timing to hit your target.

For example, if you don’t have a lot of experience with shooting, you may feel more secure and confident with the attached timing device.

Determining the time is also very simple, and I believe anyone can do it quickly.

Just turn the brake in the right direction and wedge the spacer to the exact time you want. So, don’t hesitate to install a muzzle timing orientation for your gun if you can.


Besides the above information, I also have a special section for you. Here, I will answer most people’s questions about the lap washer for a muzzle brake.

Do you need a crush washer for a muzzle brake?

The answer is possible. Of course, using additional support models will bring more certainty to the shooter’s sight.

If you can retrofit this device, that would be great too. However, not every model needs a crush washer.

Even for small-barreled types, this pattern’s use interferes with the projectile’s direction.

What is a self-timing muzzle brake?

As the name suggests, the self-timing muzzle brakes help the gunner to predetermine the braking time.

Accordingly, this tool gives more accurate results than emotional determination.

In principle, you must set the brake on the barrel in line with the line of sight you’re aiming for. As a result, the bullet’s path is affected by the gun’s recoil.

Do you have to use shims for muzzle brake?

Using shims for the muzzle brake is a good idea. Accordingly, you can completely start implementing your muzzle brake.

The adaptability of shims is quite impressive. An example for you is the standard A2 birdcage flash.

Yet, in some exceptional cases, you can’t apply shims to muzzle models with similar bulkheads to the bullet size.

The reason is that the remaining space is not much, and the significant compression can be detrimental to you.

Can I reuse a crushed washer?

crushed washer
crushed washer

Of course, it’s possible to reuse the rustless crush washer. And you can save a considerable amount of money.

If this item has problems with oxidation, you can use sandpaper to clean the patchy surfaces.

However, it is best to replace a new one because the price of this model is meager. Sitting scrubbing to reuse one takes a lot of your time.

Even the sandpaper sheet can affect the standard quality of the original crush washer.

Final Words 

Through this article, you have understood how to time a muzzle brake step by step. Everything is not difficult at all.

The issue here will be your patience and passion. Do every step meticulously, and the best results will come to you.

I also hope the FAQ information will help you better understand timing and muzzle brake issues. Thank you for reading!

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