What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode & How To Avoid?

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Using a gun is never simple, especially with shotguns for severe damage. You will have to face shocks and the risk of accidents.

Numerous reports have shown that high-damage shootings are often due to specific causes and can be completely prevented if we are concerned.

So, what might cause a shotgun to explode? Let’s find out in the article below!

Shotgun Explosion Overview

Right from the early days when people still used muskets with gunpowder, iron or stainless steel bullets, and manual sparks, the explosion of guns appeared as a constant obsession with gun users.

What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode & How To Avoid? 1
The explosion

Whether it is a modern gun or a classic gun, these products still use a single design with heat and explosives at the center. When explosives explode right inside the gun and close to the user’s location, the consequences are very high.

Manufacturers reassure users that their products are safe and can be used comfortably without worrying about fire problems.

I think half of this statement is valid when manufacturers try to fix bugs with guns. Yet, this weapon depends on the user’s environment, conditions, and maintenance.

That’s also why figures from researchers show that the leading cause of injuries sustained by 40,000 people each year from firearms is faulty equipment or unsafe conditions. This number keeps increasing every year.

Going back to the shotgun, the explosion will often happen in the barrel because the bullet travels long, and as soon as the bullet is moving, it can happen and explode at these positions.

Whether it is a shotgun, a sports gun, or any shotgun, you will face this risk if you do not have an appropriate treatment and prevention method.

If you’re lucky, an explosion from within will only damage or crush your gun.

But not everyone has such luck when the explosion is too large and sends debris back to the user. With the incredible power of the shotgun, I’m sure you can imagine the seriousness of the problems that arise from this weapon.

What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode?

There are many more reasons for shotguns to explode than you can imagine.

Because the process of a bullet is quite complicated, a problem with one or more steps can lead to an explosion inside this weapon.

If we look closely at the whole process, we can see that after pulling the trigger, the combustion process will begin. At this time, the pressure and temperature in the barrel are relatively high.

This amount of pressure and temperature can cause a backfire to explode inside the gun. So it is not surprising that there are more causes associated with explosions in this stage than in many others.

Barrel Obstruction

What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode & How To Avoid? 2
Barrel Obstruction

We can imagine a bullet traveling at breakneck speed with heat and pressure behind. Suddenly, the shot can’t move because something is already blocking it.

If it were just a simple bullet, maybe the problem wouldn’t be so bad, but here we have a fired bullet accompanied by considerable pressure and heat.

When not escaping through the barrel, these elements will find an arbitrary and closest direction to run. In this case, no matter how solid the barrel is, the explosion is inevitable under the terrible impact of high pressure and heat.

Another visual example that you can refer to see the terrible destructive force that pressure creates is boiler or pressure cooker explosions.

With shotguns, we will not be able to react in time, leaving severe injuries. It is not difficult to find accidents related to this issue when using a shotgun.

Catastrophic Failure

The problem of shotgun exploding if external factors such as muzzle jammers are ignored, the gun itself and the ammo itself are the main factors that cause Catastrophic Failure, thereby damaging the entire gun and causing damage.

Here we can define Catastrophic Failure as a severe problem of one part that significantly affects the whole structure and can destroy that structure.

In many cases outside of reality, this situation can be easily recognized, especially in construction projects with construction problems when a pillar collapse can drag an entire building down.

As for the shotgun, the gun’s high destructive ability also puts a great deal of pressure on the components, and that’s why a member or even a misbehaving projectile will bring enormous and eventual consequences and destroy all guns.

If we’re talking about parts, the fuselage is not working correctly, the barrel is degraded and cannot withstand high pressure, or even a loose connection can also be the cause.

With ammo, a bullet with too much gunpowder, an inappropriate or problematic bullet will be the premise to cause Catastrophic Failure.

How To Avoid A Shotgun To Explode?

What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode & How To Avoid? 3
Shotgun cleaning

None of us want to run into problems like gunfire and suffer the dire consequences of this accident. So preventive measures always have a positive effect if we can use them well. In other words, your safety is always in your hands. It’s just that we want to do it and appreciate this factor or not.

Clean gun barrel

The barrel is the central part of the bulletin for all guns, including shotguns or rifles and pistols. And it is this part that is responsible for releasing the pressure and heat generated during the combustion and firing of the projectile.

If you don’t know, many studies have shown that the pressure and temperature inside the barrel when firing can easily destroy a gun if not quickly released through the barrel.

Therefore, it is essential to prevent dirt or other agents that can interfere with the projectile and the release of heat and pressure through cleaning operations.

You can use specialized cleaning solutions and tools to be able to handle stains and agents located inside the barrel. Of course, you also need to remember to remove all materials, accessories, or materials that could cause this barrel jam.

Inspect the gun before use

A few minutes of checking the gun in exchange for our safety when using it is an excellent price for each user himself.

Both manufacturers and experts always advise their customers to scrutinize their guns to detect problems and promptly solve them when damage occurs.

So never neglect to skip the inspection steps if you don’t want to damage the gun just because of a minor injury or even injure yourself.

Use the right ammo

Each type of ammunition has different structural characteristics to suit one or more guns and shotgun ammunition.

For this reason, swapping or arbitrarily using the wrong shell can damage the gun and, at worst, cause an explosion. Here, a too big bullet will cause blockage, while a bullet with too much explosive will explode directly inside the gun compartment and cause dangerous problems.


1. Can a shotgun overheat?

All guns can overheat, and shotguns are no exception. However, it is pretty difficult for us to overheat the gun unless we intentionally fire a large amount of ammunition in a short period.

2. What happens if you heat up a gun?

The first is that the plastic or plastic parts of the gun will begin to melt and render the weapon inoperable. If the temperature continues to rise, there is a very high chance that the bullets inside will start to activate.

3. Is it OK to leave a gun in a cold car?

Leaving a gun in your car alone or under your control is never good. So please consider this option carefully.


I hope you can find the answer through this article. From there, you can gain essential and valuable knowledge to prevent some dangerous situations.

If you have any experience you want to share, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and discuss it with us. Thank you for reading!

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