The Italian gun manufacturers have made a lot of great guns and are particularly good at shotguns. Italians know how to make good guns, from nice double-barreled clay guns to decent tactical shotguns.

Benelli and Beretta are the most prominent products from Italy. Benelli is mainly known for its semi-automatic models, and the Benelli M2 vs M4 shotguns are revolutionary and attractive designs.

So what’s the difference between these two great shotguns?

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Something about Benelli M2

The Benelli M2 semi-auto shotgun was introduced in 1998 to meet the needs of tactical shooters, competition shooters and hunters. The M2 quickly gained a reputation for being reliable, accurate and easy to use. It has been used by law enforcement and military forces around the world and is one of the most popular shotguns available today.

Benelli M2
Benelli M2

The M2 is designed with a 3-inch chamber that can fire both 2¾ inch magnum loads or 3 inch magnums without adjustment. Its magazine tube holds up to 5 rounds of ammunition at once and its barrel is interchangeable between 20″, 24″ and 26″.

The design also includes a removable trigger group that makes cleaning easier as well as adjustable buttstocks so you can fit your shotgun to your body.

The Benelli M2 also features a self-regulating, four-lug rotating bolt head that ensures smooth feeding and ejection. It is fitted with an inertia driven system which reduces felt recoil and provides reliable cycling even when exposed to extreme temperatures or dirt. The M2’s balance point is right at the front of the stock for quick target acquisition and fast follow-up shots.

The M2 is available in several finishes including black, camo, gray and OD green. In 2020, Benelli released a Tactical version of the M2 with an 18.5″ barrel and adjustable ghost ring sights for improved accuracy when targeting moving targets.

Whether you are looking for a tactical shotgun, home defense weapon or a reliable hunting shotgun, the Benelli M2 has it all and is sure to meet your needs. With its reliable performance and cutting-edge design, the M2 is one of the best shotguns on the market today.

If you are looking for a high-quality semi-auto shotgun that will provide years of dependable service then look no further than the Benelli M2.

It offers reliability, accuracy and versatility in a lightweight package that all shooters can appreciate. For superior performance and unmatched quality, choose the Benelli M2!

Something about Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun is a tactical weapon that was designed for use by the United States military. The M4 was introduced in 1999 and quickly gained popularity among law enforcement, special operations units, and competitive shooters. It has become one of the most popular shotguns around due to its reliability, accuracy, and versatility.

Benelli M4
Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 features an 18.5″ barrel with a 3” chamber which allows it to fire both 2¾” or 3” magnums without adjustment. It has an adjustable buttstock which can be quickly adapted to fit any shooter’s body type and a removable trigger group for easy cleaning.

It also includes a four lug rotating bolt head system which ensures reliable feeding and extraction, as well as a self-regulating inertia driven system which reduces felt recoil.

The M4 is available in several finishes including black, camo, gray and OD green. It also features adjustable ghost ring sights for improved accuracy when targeting moving targets. In 2020, an SPS version of the M4 was released with an extended magazine tube that holds up to 8 rounds at once.

Whether you are looking for a tactical shotgun, home defense weapon or a competition gun, the Benelli M4 Super 90 has all the features you need in a lightweight package that is easy to maneuver.

With its reliability and accuracy it’s no wonder why so many shooters choose the M4 for their needs! So if you’re looking for a high-quality semi-auto shotgun that will provide years of reliable service then don’t look any further than the Benelli M4 Super 90. For superior performance and unmatched quality, choose the Benelli M4!

Similarities Between Benelli M2 vs M4

Operating System: Both the Benelli M2 and M4 shotguns utilize Benelli’s inertia-driven operating system, which is known for its reliability and reduced recoil. This system uses the energy from the shot to cycle the action, making it highly reliable and requiring minimal maintenance.

Semi-Automatic Action: Both the M2 and M4 are semi-automatic shotguns, meaning they can fire a round with each pull of the trigger without the need for manually cycling the action like a pump-action shotgun.

The M2 Benelli shotgun

Quality Build: Both models are known for their high-quality construction and materials. Benelli shotguns are typically made using durable materials, which contribute to their longevity and overall performance.

Magazine Capacity: Both shotguns are available in various configurations, including different magazine capacities. They can come with standard capacity or extended magazine tubes to hold more shells, which can be beneficial for various applications such as competition shooting or tactical use.

Tactical and Practical Applications: Both the M2 and M4 shotguns are popular choices for tactical applications, law enforcement, and military use due to their reliability and durability. They are designed to perform well in harsh conditions and demanding environments.

Interchangeable Chokes: Both models offer interchangeable choke options, allowing users to customize their shot pattern for different shooting situations, such as hunting, skeet shooting, or tactical scenarios.

The Benelli M2 shotgun.

Accessory Compatibility: Both shotguns have accessory compatibility, including options for adding optics, lights, laser sights, and other tactical attachments. This makes them versatile platforms for customization based on the user’s preferences and needs.

Recoil Management: Both the M2 and M4 are designed to manage recoil effectively. The inertia-driven system, along with the design of the stock and other features, helps to reduce felt recoil, making them more comfortable to shoot, especially during extended shooting sessions.

Quick Benelli M2 vs M4 Comparison Table

Feature Benelli M2 Shotgun Benelli M4 Shotgun
Operating System Inertia-driven Inertia-driven
Action Type Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic
Intended Use Hunting, Sport Shooting Tactical, Law Enforcement, Military
Barrel Length Various lengths available Typically 18.5″ or 14″ (with NFA rules)
Magazine Capacity Various capacities available Typically 5+1 rounds (with 3″ shells)
Choke Options Interchangeable chokes for different shot patterns Fixed cylinder bore or optional choke tubes
Accessories Can be customized with optics, lights, and other attachments Accessory compatibility for tactical enhancements
Recoil Management Inertia-driven system reduces felt recoil Inertia-driven system reduces felt recoil
Material Various models with different materials (synthetic, wood) Durable materials for tactical use
Weight Varies based on model and features Typically heavier than M2 due to robust construction
Sights Various sighting options available Ghost ring sights or picatinny rail for optics
Stock Options Various stock options, including pistol grip and traditional Typically has a collapsible or fixed pistol grip stock
Folding Stock Some models may have a folding stock option Often equipped with a collapsible or folding stock

Main Differences Between Benelli M2 vs M4 Shotgun


When talking about price, the M2 beats its M4 counterpart Benelli as it is cheaper than the Benelli M4 series.

The price difference is vast as the price of the M2 shotgun is the lowest among the M series of Benelli, while the Benelli M4 shotgun is the most costly model.

Thanks to that, the M2 Benelli won over M4 in this category.

The Winner: The M2 Benelli.

Design And Ergonomics

The M2 is an inertia-driven gun, allowing it to operate cleaner than the gas-operated shotgun.

During testing, we noticed that the Benelli M2’s ComforTech feature makes it smoother and easier to fire than its Benelli M4 counterpart, which is heavy, fires softly, and chugs ammo.

The Winner: The M2 Benelli.

Weight And Size

The stocks of both shotguns have the same weight, while the barrels are also similar.

But the M2, as an inertia model, is lighter than Benelli M4 when comparing similar models.

As the M2 is lighter, its portability will be better, which is very important in many situations.

The Winner: The M2.


There is no denying that the M4 Benelli shotgun is reliable as it operates on a dual short-stroke gas piston system (which may be bomb-proof).

Meanwhile, the M2 Benelli runs on the tested and tried Inertia-Driven system, which is also quite reliable.

Both models work one hundred percent accurately with slugs, so the result in this category is one draw.

The Winner: Draw.

Operating System

 The M4 operates by a unique system
The M4 operates by a unique system

When comparing the M4 and M2 shotguns, the OS is also significantly different.

The M2 Benelli model comes with Inertia System, while its M4 counterpart operates by an Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated operating system.

In essence, the Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated operating system is better than the Inertia-Driven System, allowing the Benelli M4 shotgun to win this category.

The Winner: The M4 Benelli.


In this category, the M4 Benelli shotgun beats the M2 Benelli, which does not have the same optics.

The M4 Benelli has an adjustable ghost sight with a dot (white). Additionally, it has a 5.25 inches Picatinny rail, enabling the hunters to mount optical sights and additional scopes.

The Winner: The Benelli M4.

Benelli M2 vs M4: Which One Is Better?

Ultimately, the better choice for home defense or sporting use depends on individual needs and preferences. Both the Benelli M2 and M4 Super 90 feature reliable performance, accuracy and versatility in lightweight packages that are easy to maneuver.

The M2 is great for home defense due to its ability to hold up to 5 rounds of ammunition and adjustable buttstocks, while the M4 Super 90 includes an extended magazine tube that holds up to 8 rounds at once which makes it ideal for competitions and other tactical applications.

Ultimately, both guns offer a high level of quality and reliability so the best choice comes down to personal preference. Regardless of which you choose, both shotguns are sure to provide years of dependable service!

Benelli M2 Vs M4 FAQs

1. Is Benelli M2 a Good Gun?

The M2 is a strong, reliable, and fully functional shotgun.

It works well from pure, no-compromise hunting under challenging environments for various games to action shooting that puts you to the test.

The Benelli M4 is super rugged. It is an accurate, reliable, powerful, and easy-shooting semi-automatic shotgun.

2. Is Benelli M4 a Good Gun?

The fact is that it was designed for the US Marine Corps. Although it is a great tactical shotgun, the M4 is available at a high price.

This shotgun is a capable defensive weapon for any hunter, although it is built for combat.

3. Can a Benelli M4 Shoot Slugs?

Shooting the M4 with slugs via a Mod choke is perfectly acceptable.

The rifled slugs are built explicitly with grooves so that the slug has some room to squish through the choked barrel.

4. How durable is The M4?

Many testing of the Benelli M4 shotgun shows a high level of reliability. This gun can reliably function for at least 25,000 rounds without the replacement of any parts.

5. Does the Benelli M4 come with chokes?

The Benelli M4 has a modified choke with three dots.

6. What Bullet Does Benelli M4 Utilize?

It can shoot 70 mm (2.75 in) and 76 mm (3 in) shells of propellant loads without any operator adjustments.

7. Is the Benelli M2 Worth It?

The answer is Yes. The M2 has built an awesome reputation for fast handling and reliability over years. It is a strong, reliable, and fully functional weapon.

The Bottom Line

You’ve got all the information you need via this Benelli M2 vs M4 comparison. Both shotguns are Benelli masterpieces, and each is great in its own way. So you should make a choice based on your preferences, needs, and budget.

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