What Is A Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight and How to Use it?

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A ghost ring shotgun sight is a type of sighting system designed for shotguns that offers quick target acquisition and enhanced accuracy.

Unlike traditional bead sights, which consist of a single small dot at the end of the shotgun barrel, a ghost ring sight features a larger rear aperture and a smaller front sight post.

This configuration creates a “ghost ring” effect when aligning the sights, allowing the shooter to quickly and instinctively center their target within the ring for improved accuracy.

Ghost ring sights are commonly used in tactical and defensive shotgun applications, where fast target acquisition and precise shot placement are crucial.

What Is A Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight?

A ghost ring is a viewfinder version, usually in stainless steel or iron. It helps to reduce the obscuration of sights for hunters on the stock. Most users still prefer to combine ghost rings with shotgun models to provide the best aiming performance.

Because the structure is not too complicated and has many details, the device is relatively cheap and suitable for many different users.

In terms of structure, it is precisely what I described when the ghost ring has only two parts, the center and the pedestal. These products are made of plastic, so there are not many choices of materials for us.

With the center ring, it is a plastic one or, more rarely, a light metal. We can look at this hole and get the sights, while the body is only responsible for fixing the center ring, and the fixed base connects to the gun only.

What Is A Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight and How to Use it

The ghost ring often goes with another part, Font Sight, so you can aim and predict the bullet better. The structure of this part is also not much more complicated than the rest when it is a seamless block with a convex texture and a smaller circle than the one.

Font Sight will be located right near the top of the gun and precisely above the barrel to keep a certain distance,

There are many variations of shotgun sight for you to choose and use. Depending on your needs and the type of shotgun you intend to use, we will use the most suitable equipment.

How It Performs & Benefit of Ghost Ring Sight

What Is A Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight and How to Use it 2
How It Performs

How It Performs

Ghost ring shotgun sight has a relatively simple way of working when you need to look at the center of the scope of the picture to be enough.

The working principle of the product is much more complicated, not in the structure of the device itself but the construction of our eyes.

Because the viewfinder takes advantage of a few visual principles to make us more focused, even upgraded models with more features still use these mechanisms.

The human eye has a unique mechanism. When you focus on a point, the image at that point will be more precise, and the other area will be blurred. Here you will use all your strength to look at a single moment that is the center circle.

When using all your eyesight at a point, it’s not too difficult to understand when the vision will stretch out and be much more straightforward.

Even the size of the center ring is relatively small to optimize visibility even without any particular technology.

The name of the ghost ring clearly shows the working mechanism of this type of viewfinder. When you focus on the circle, the surrounding will immediately blur and create the feeling that a shadow covers the surrounding area.

Benefits of Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight

As a scope, the ghost ring shotgun sight will help us zoom out and still be able to see the objects to shoot clearly.

This device will not help you see too far like many specialized viewfinders, but at least your vision is still within a certain level.

For this reason, many hunters often practice with this type of equipment to not be too dependent on other types of support tools.

Another function of the ghost circle is to help you save much ammo. Accurately shooting after a bullet or two will save us more than firing the whole magazine to destroy a single target.

The ghost circle has another use that also receives a lot of attention, which is close-range aiming. There will undoubtedly be some questions, such as why close-range shooting is necessary anymore.

You can see that even if we are close, the goal is not standing still for us to attack but can constantly be moving.

Focusing on the ghost circle shotgun sight will create highly accurate bullets even if the subject is deliberately close to you.

If you do not know, the shotgun is inherently a weapon with extensive close-range damage while long-range damage is relatively modest.

How To Shoot With The Ghost Ring Sight?

Using a ghost ring shotgun sight is not too difficult. However, for easier and more accurate manipulation, you should still refer to the step-by-step instructions that I am about to outline below.

Keep the gun comfortable

Of course, to use the scope on the gun, you have to hold the gun first.

You need to meet two requirements to aim correctly: holding the gun properly and holding the gun comfortably.

In terms of holding a gun properly, shotguns are not much different from popular rifle models. You need to create a fulcrum to reduce the gun’s recoil.

Here we can press the gun neck to the shoulder to transfer the jet to the body and dissipate. You put the finger of the hand resting the gun on the trigger. On the other hand, the lower case is also the regular shotgun reloading part.

In terms of comfort, it’s better to use your dominant hand instead of trying to use your non-judgemental hand. In addition, the gun’s position should be avoided where the bones protrude.

Look at the ring

What Is A Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight
Look straight ahead

You will need to close one eye on the side of the trigger and look the other eye through the center of the ghost shotgun sight.

Some legal advice is that you can hold your breath to focus your whole body, thereby eliminating the feeling of vibration and aiming better.

You will then need to start aligning the line of sight to the proper position by moving your body. And once you’re ready, you can move on to the final step.

Determine the position

After aligning the front sight with the targeted position, align the rifle barrel to the center of the front turret in the circle and pull the trigger.

Ghost Ring Shotgun Sight FAQs

Are ghost ring sights good for a shotgun?

Are ghost ring sights good for a shotgun

The ghost ring sight is a handy accessory for shotguns with a device that can increase accuracy at both close and long-range and give us ammo savings.

What are peep sights?

You can define the rear viewfinder for a gun as an adjustable piece of metal through a small hole to see through when aiming.

Why can’t I see through my peep sight?

It will be nearly impossible to see through the object if you turn your head too much to one side while peep sights are on the other.

What are Buckhorn sights?

A buckhorn sight is a type of metal sight commonly found on rifles, especially old-fashioned rifles. The buckhorn products are not too complicated, with a straight post mounted on the front of the barrel and a knurled metal blade towards the rear of the barrel.

Does peep sight color matter?

The color peep sight impacts your ability to aim.


Through the above information, we have answered the question: ‘What is the ghost ring shotgun sight. Hopefully, the knowledge in today’s article can help you a lot in using a shotgun. Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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  1. When it comes to using my shotgun for point shooting, I typically rely on the bead alone. However, I’ve noticed that I require greater precision when participating in 3-gun competitions. I’m considering the option of incorporating a ghost ring sight, but I’m concerned whether it might prove distracting when point shooting and not using it to aim for slugs. Could you provide insights on whether a ghost ring sight would be suitable for my needs in this scenario?

    • Ghost ring sights are available for many popular shotgun models, but not all shotguns are compatible or have aftermarket options. It’s best to check with the manufacturer or a reputable gunsmith to determine if a ghost ring sight can be installed on your specific shotgun. Some shotguns may require modifications or a gunsmith’s expertise for proper installation.


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